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Tax Lien Searching Blog Series Part Two: Ordering a Tax Lien Search

October 22, 2010 Due Diligence, Lien Monitoring

In last week's blog post we discussed the importance of searching tax lien records as part of your pre-funding due diligence search efforts. This week, we'll go over a few tips for ordering tax lien searches to achieve the best results. There are three important things to keep in mind when searching for tax liens. The first is the scope of the search. Most tax liens are effective for a period of ten years and can be renewed. So you will…READ MORE


Tax Lien Searching Blog Series Part One: Why You Should be Searching For Tax Liens

October 15, 2010 UCC, Lien Monitoring

First Corporate Solutions is launching a 3-part blog series on tax lien searching! This week’s post discusses why you should be searching for tax liens. Here is a schedule for upcoming topics on tax lien searching: Friday 10/22: Ordering a Tax Lien Search Tips on how to order your tax lien search to achieve the best results. Friday 10/29: Reviewing Tax Lien Search Results Expert advice on how to review and interpret your tax lien…READ MORE


3 Tips for Choosing a Public Records Service Company

October 08, 2010 UCC, Corporate, Due Diligence

Many small businesses have an internal department that handles all of their public records search and filing needs. As businesses grow and due diligence requirements get more complex, most decide to enlist the help of a private service company to carry out their public records checks and requests. Deciding which company to entrust with your business can be a tough choice. Between nationwide and local vendors, there are hundreds (if not…READ MORE


UCC Filings on Sole Proprietorships

October 05, 2010 UCC

In previous blog posts we have discussed in great detail the importance of listing the correct debtor name on a UCC1 Financing Statement and offered some tips for making sure you’ve gotten the name right. We encourage you to explore our older blog posts for more on this topic. To summarize, in order to perfect a security interest, a UCC filing must list the exact legal name of the debtor. For a business name that means the name on their…READ MORE