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Fraud Alert: UCC Filing Scam on the Rise

February 24, 2012 UCC

Over the last few years, there has been a proliferation of scams that promise to eliminate debts, repair your credit score, or protect your home from foreclosure. Here at First Corporate Solutions, we have been fielding a lot of calls recently regarding one scam in particular, the Redemption Process. This week, we thought we would take to the blog to offer some words of caution regarding Redemption Process. Redemption Process holds that…READ MORE


Tips for Improving Turn-Around Time for Lien Searches: Part Four

February 16, 2012 UCC, Lien Monitoring

Last month, First Corporate Solutions began a four-part blog series devoted to providing our readers with tips for improving the turn-around time for lien searches. So far, we have discussed turning to online solutions for state-level UCC and lien searches, providing as much information as possible to vendors for manual search efforts, and for multi-search orders, instructing vendors to forward results as they are completed for each task.…READ MORE


California Bulk Sales Legislation, Senate Bill 12, Seeks to Repeal the California Bulk Sales Law

February 10, 2012 UCC, Corporate

[Updated: 2/10/2012] The California State Senate is debating a piece of legislation that could dramatically affect your business. Labeled SB 12, this legislation seeks to amend significant sections of the state Business and Professions Code, the Civil Procedure Code, the Revenue and Taxation Code and Article 6 of the Uniform Commercial Code. If passed, SB 12 will repeal the California Bulk Sales Law in its entirety. First Corporate Solutions…READ MORE