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Don’t overlook a federal tax lien filed at the county

February 27, 2014 Tips, Lien Monitoring

Federal tax liens are regularly filed at county filing offices across the country, so your account monitoring process should include those jurisdictions. In our experience, we see many federal tax liens being filed at the county instead of the state filing office. A federal tax lien, whether filed at the state or the county, may affect your priority position; therefore it is critical to keep an eye on lien-holder activity at both the state…READ MORE


When to file UCC3 Continuation Statements

February 21, 2014 UCC, Tips

This is a question that comes up often, whether in Q&A session during our educational webinars, on the phone with clients or submitted through social media. In response, we wanted to outline some best practices to keep in mind during the UCC filing and process. It is critical for a secured party to file timely continuations, as a lapsed filing ceases to be effective and opens the door for a subsequent filer to move into a priority position.…READ MORE


Why Do Some Lenders Pre-File UCC Financing Statements?

February 13, 2014 UCC

What is Pre-filing? In a traditional funding cycle, a lender will order lien searches on potential borrowers at the start of a new deal. Based on the results of those searches (and other measures of creditworthiness) the lender decides whether to fund the applicant. If the lender elects to advance funds, the lender will file a UCC Financing Statement to perfect their security interest and secure a priority position to collect should the…READ MORE


[On-Demand Webinar] Perfecting and Maintaining a Security Interest, Traps for the Unwary

February 06, 2014 UCC

It's time to refresh your UCC knowledge! Join us this week for a presentation on perfecting and maintaining a security interest by attorney Michael Weissman. Perfecting and Maintaining a Security Interest, Traps for the Unwary Speaker: Attorney Michael Weissman What Will You Learn? This sixty-minute intermediate to advanced-level presentation exposes traps for the unwary when attempting to perfect and maintain a security interest. Topics…READ MORE