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Practical Management Of Attorney Prepared UCC Filings

May 27, 2016 UCC, Online UCC System

The next best thing. We’re always looking for it. What is it? Look at Fintech and its explosive impact on the lending community for a real time example of an industry being flooded with a river of what’s next. Same is true in the service industry community. What’s the next best thing? Who’s got it? How can I get it? Check out the FCS Compliance Control Program, an integrated lender-law firm portfolio management service that…READ MORE


Tips for UCC and Corporate Transactions in Delaware

May 19, 2016 UCC

Most of us have heard that a large number of businesses choose to file their organizing paperwork in the State of Delaware. In fact, more than half of the corporations that make up the Fortune 500 are incorporated in Delaware. Simple set up and business friendly laws help drive that. Aware of this, the State of Delaware offers a variety of preclearance corporate filing services to assist navigation through the incorporation process and…READ MORE


Comprehensive Department of Revenue State Direct Links

May 12, 2016 Corporate, Litigation Research

Looking for Department of Revenue web pages for any of the 50 states and DC? We know the majority of our clients are at some point. For this reason, this week we have added weblinks to all the Departments of Revenue across the country. Much like other 50 state links we have been adding, you do not have to conduct multiple searches for websites to find what you need. We have it all on one page. Whether you are searching for information…READ MORE


Tips On UCC3 Amendments And Mistakes To Avoid

May 06, 2016 UCC

So you have a signed security agreement, you’ve perfected your security interest with a first position UCC filing on your debtor, and you’re utilizing one or more post-filing monitoring services that search for and report events that can prime your perfected security interest. But there’s still more to do. Depending on the situation, your UCC1 may require amendments to the originally filed document. These changes are introduced…READ MORE