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First Corporate Solutions Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary

May 19, 2017 Event

We’re proud to be celebrating the 30-year anniversary of First Corporate Solutions (FCS), leading provider of risk mitigation due diligence solutions to legal and financial communities. FCS began operations in 1987 when David Silverburg, the company’s founder and CEO, created Bay Area Courthouse Services (BACS) to capitalize on an opportunity he saw to better serve the public record documentation needs in his home area. While researching…READ MORE


Three More Tips For Bulk Sale Escrow Officers In California – Revisited

May 12, 2017 Due Diligence, Tips

Below is a repost of a popular post from last year for our California Bulk Sale Escrow Officers. We’ve been supporting Escrow Officers handling bulk sales for a quarter century, and over that period we’ve learned more than just a few things from our friends in the industry, and in this blog post we share three more tips for Bulk Sale Escrow Officers in California that we’ve learned and their importance. Tip#1: ‘Reading’ Your…READ MORE


Federal Tax Liens Out Of Credit Reports And Related FICO Scores

May 04, 2017 Due Diligence, Title Related Topics

Equifax, Experian and TransUnion , the three major national credit reporting agencies, will implement new standards for their data collection pertaining to public record data, notably regarding federal tax liens and civil judgments. This implementation is set for July 1, 2017. In general, the agencies will no longer collect and utilize public record data unless specific minimum information is present, including social security numbers…READ MORE