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Three Tips For Bulk Sale Escrow Officers In California

May 31, 2018 UCC, Due Diligence, Tips

With the Norcal Escrow Conference fast approaching, here's a repost of three handy tips for Bulk Sale Escrow Officers in California. We’ve been supporting Escrow Officers handling bulk sales for a quarter century, and over that period we’ve learned more than just a few things from our friends in the industry, and in this blog post we share three tips for Bulk Sale Escrow Officers in California that we’ve learned and their importance. Tip…READ MORE


UCC Secured Party Representative Service – Explained

May 24, 2018 UCC, Online UCC System, Revised Article 9

UCC Secured Party Representative Service provides protection for secured lenders by using a representative’s name (instead of their own) in the Secured Party box on UCC Financing Statements. Under Revised Article 9, UCC Section 9-502(a)(2), a financing statement must provide the name of the secured party or representative of the secured party. The Secured Party Representative Service key aspect is that the code allows “a representative”…READ MORE


International Factoring Association Conference Recap 2018

May 10, 2018 Lien Monitoring, Event

The International Factoring Association held its annual conference last week at The Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, and First Corporate Solutions was proud to attend once again with friends, partners, familiar faces and new acquaintances. The International Factoring Association conference continues to be the leader in providing educational and networking opportunities to the factoring community and this year’s event delivered again. Factors…READ MORE


When Is A Title Policy Unnecessary? Uninsured Title Products For Lenders

May 03, 2018 Due Diligence, Title Related Topics

Is an insured title product with a corresponding title policy always required for a lender’s purposes? Is it always required to pay that premium? The answer is:  it depends. So when is an uninsured title product OK? When is a title policy unnecessary? Lender title products usually come in three variables, depending on the lender’s risk considerations. An “Update” product, which is just what it sounds like, an update…READ MORE