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API for UCC–Are They All The Same?

October 03, 2019 UCC, Online UCC System, Due Diligence, Reduce Financial Risk

In a word, no.

The emergence of API for UCC, with its increased efficiency and enhanced compliance capability, has already occurred and the implementation is spreading. UCC data and portfolio management providers have moved quickly to develop API for UCC, making it another technology driven, value added differentiator to their UCC due diligence service packages.

Much like how UCC portfolio managers and search engines vary in effectiveness and efficiency, so too do API for UCC.


In layman’s terms, SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) had been the prevalent web service interface approach for some time, but REST (Representational State Transfer) has improved that and now represents the vast percentage of public APIs. A couple of reasons this change has happened are:

-REST is easy to understand, write and document so developers like it;

-REST maximizes bandwidth and is easily scalable.


Another reason is that REST supports many data formats, including JSON (JavaScript Open Notation). Because of the predominant use of JSON data formats, the combination of JSON RESTful interfaces means better support for browser clients.

These JSON RESTful features have made their way to API for UCC, and only JSON RESTful API for UCC has them.

So are all API for UCC alike? No.

Contact us today and discuss our JSON RESTful API for UCC with one of our experts. We offer a complete JSON RESTful API for public records transactions including:

  • UCC Search
  • UCC Filing
  • Lien Monitoring of Debtors



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