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Three Tips For Bulk Sale Escrow Officers In California–Revisited

April 27, 2017 Due Diligence, Tips

  Below is a repost of a popular post from last year for our California Bulk Sale Escrow Officers. We’ve been supporting Escrow Officers handling bulk sales for a quarter century, and over that period we’ve learned more than just a few things from our friends in the industry, and in this blog post we share three tips for Bulk Sale Escrow Officers in California that we’ve learned and their importance. Tip #1: Search an individual…READ MORE


First Corporate Solutions Celebrates New Office Move In Los Angeles Area

April 21, 2017 Event

These are exciting times at First Corporate Solutions. Driven by company growth in our UCC and Title Services Divisions along with the opening of our Legal Services Division, we recognized the need and the opportunity to upgrade our facility in southern California and move into the next phase of our company's life. We accomplished that on April 1, 2017,  box by box completing the move from our previous space and into the next chapter. The…READ MORE


International Factoring Association Conference Recap 2017

April 13, 2017 Lien Monitoring, Event

The International Factoring Association’s annual conference was held last week at The Omni Hotel in Ft. Worth, Texas, and First Corporate Solutions was proud to attend once again with friends, partners, familiar faces and new acquaintances. The IFA conference continues to be a leader in providing educational and networking opportunities to the factoring community and this year’s event delivered again. Although the weather…READ MORE


First Corporate Solutions Exhibits At The 2017 Factoring Conference In Ft. Worth

April 06, 2017 Event

  First Corporate Solutions is exhibiting our UCC searching, filing, monitoring and API solutions at the International Factoring Association Conference April 5-8 in Ft. Worth, Texas. Why Do Factors Choose FCS Lien Monitoring & UCC Solutions? Secured Party Representative Service Original Lien Monitoring Program created by FCS over 20 years ago Business Entity Status, Litigation and Bankruptcy Monitoring also…READ MORE


FCS Guest Speakers At Bulk Sale Escrow Seminar April 1

March 31, 2017 UCC, Corporate, Event

  No Fooling. FCS CEO David Silverburg along with Escrow Compliance Manager Pamela Putnam will present “The Incredible Bulk Sale Superpower—UCCs” at National University in Costa Mesa this Saturday, April 1. The event is co-hosted by the California Escrow Association and The Escrow Training Institute. Seminar moderator Debbi Faber of Chicago Title, a long-time partner and friend to Bulk Sale education in California,…READ MORE


Secured Party Searches and Secured Party Representatives—Cause And Effect

March 16, 2017 UCC, Reduce Financial Risk

In our last two blog posts, we discussed what a secured party search is and how it is utilized to expose a secured party’s customer list, and also what a secured party can do to protect that customer list. Lenders rely on security interests to manage their risk and perfect their security interests by filing UCCs, but this process puts their client list in the public record; every debtor on a UCC is that secured party’s customer! With…READ MORE


Need A Marketing List For Your Lending Solutions? Try Secured Party Searches

March 10, 2017 UCC

Looking to market your financing solutions to a needy target base? Want to know what businesses are already utilizing the funding solutions you provide? It’s possible. Even though UCC search and file service providers go to great lengths to keep their customers’ data secure by utilizing technology and in-house procedures to safeguard data and protect it from outside sources, the nature of the Uniform Commercial Code nevertheless…READ MORE


Listen Up UCC Filers-Protect Your Customer List From Competitors

March 03, 2017 UCC, Reduce Financial Risk

Does it seem sometimes seem like your competitors have a copy of your customer list? Well, they just might. “No way!” you say. “How did that happen?” It’s easier than you might think. Every time a secured party perfects a security interest by filing a financing statement, one result of that filing is to reveal the secured party’s debtor, its customer, in the public record. And, just like one can search a Secretary of…READ MORE


Tips To Maintain Your Perfected Security Interest

February 24, 2017 Reduce Financial Risk, Tips, Lien Monitoring

Considering all the effort and resources you put into qualifying your debtors and perfecting your security interests, it's good to know there are some excellent tools you can utilize to help maintain that priority and make your efforts pay off. Why go to all the trouble to investigate a potential new debtor’s credit worthiness, and decide to perfect your security interest by filing a Financing Statement in the correct jurisdiction, if…READ MORE


Uninsured Title Products For Lenders—When Title Insurance Is NOT Needed

February 16, 2017 Due Diligence, Title Related Topics

As a lender, do you always need an insured title product with a corresponding title policy? Do you always need to pay for that premium? The answer is:  it depends. But in which situations might a title policy be unnecessary? Lender title products usually come in three variables, depending on the lender’s risk considerations. An “Update” product, which is just what it sounds like, an update to a previously issued policy…READ MORE