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FCS Guest Speakers At Bulk Sale Escrow Seminar April 1

March 31, 2017 UCC, Corporate, Event Something

  No Fooling. FCS CEO David Silverburg along with Escrow Compliance Manager Pamela Putnam will present “The Incredible Bulk Sale Superpower—UCCs” at National University in Costa Mesa this Saturday, April 1. The event is co-hosted by the California Escrow Association and The Escrow Training Institute. Seminar moderator Debbi Faber of Chicago Title, a long-time partner and friend to Bulk Sale education in California,…READ MORE


Secured Party Searches and Secured Party Representatives—Cause And Effect

March 16, 2017 UCC, Reduce Financial Risk Something

In our last two blog posts, we discussed what a secured party search is and how it is utilized to expose a secured party’s customer list, and also what a secured party can do to protect that customer list. Lenders rely on security interests to manage their risk and perfect their security interests by filing UCCs, but this process puts their client list in the public record; every debtor on a UCC is that secured party’s customer! With…READ MORE


Need A Marketing List For Your Lending Solutions? Try Secured Party Searches

March 10, 2017 UCC Something

Looking to market your financing solutions to a needy target base? Want to know what businesses are already utilizing the funding solutions you provide? It’s possible. Even though UCC search and file service providers go to great lengths to keep their customers’ data secure by utilizing technology and in-house procedures to safeguard data and protect it from outside sources, the nature of the Uniform Commercial Code nevertheless…READ MORE


Listen Up UCC Filers-Protect Your Customer List From Competitors

March 03, 2017 UCC, Reduce Financial Risk Something

Does it seem sometimes seem like your competitors have a copy of your customer list? Well, they just might. “No way!” you say. “How did that happen?” It’s easier than you might think. Every time a secured party perfects a security interest by filing a financing statement, one result of that filing is to reveal the secured party’s debtor, its customer, in the public record. And, just like one can search a Secretary of…READ MORE


API For UCC — Enhance Compliance And Streamline Workflows

February 10, 2017 UCC, Due Diligence, Reduce Financial Risk Something

Are you a secured party? Want to improve and streamline your UCC perfection process? Now you can. Enhance your compliance practices by eliminating the need to re-enter UCC information, and streamline your workflow by minimizing keystrokes, all at the same time. How? With Direct B2B Interfaces for UCC transactions…API for UCC. This technology allows you to connect your business line software directly to reliable, fast, and accurate…READ MORE


Missing Liens In Your Search Results? The Cure May Be Broad-Based Debtor Name Searches

February 02, 2017 UCC, Online UCC System, Reduce Financial Risk Something

You have many options to perform a UCC lien search. There are certified searches that come directly from the filing office, state direct database searches that are available on a state’s website, and proprietary search systems that private service companies build and maintain. A while back, First Corporate Solutions published a blog series on evaluating state search options in which we discussed the benefits and drawbacks of each of these…READ MORE


Tips For UCC Due Diligence Planning 2017

December 29, 2016 UCC, Tips Something

With the New Year upon us, end of year deadlines and commitments drive activity. So much still to do! One of the to dos we all have is to make our plans for the next year. We review systems and solutions, processes and procedures, with an eye on fixing any breakdowns that have been experienced and on determining if any changes need to be made. When it comes to evaluating your UCC management, you need a UCC service partner that supports…READ MORE


APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) For UCCs—It’s A Big Deal (Part II)

November 23, 2016 UCC, Online UCC System Something

Direct B2B Interfaces for Public Records Transactions We blogged a quick overview of APIs a couple of weeks ago and noted how API technology has made its way into public records and UCC processes and procedures. But how? APIs for public records transactions include: UCC Search Business Entity Search UCC Filing Monitoring of Debtors' UCC/Lien activity and Business Entity changes Monitoring activity in US District…READ MORE


First Corporate Solutions Releases Hawaii, Louisiana, Michigan and Tennessee UCC Online Data

November 17, 2016 UCC, Online UCC System Something

First Corporate Solutions (FCS) is pleased to announce that we are releasing Hawaii, Louisiana, Michigan and Tennessee data to our online UCC search system. Effective Monday, November 21, users can search our UCC data indices for Hawaii, Louisiana, Michigan and Tennessee utilizing FCS' state-of-the-art search engine designed to uncover name variations and potential hidden liens. In addition, we’re excited to include the following…READ MORE


APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) For UCCs—It’s A Big Deal (Part I)

November 10, 2016 UCC, Online UCC System Something

Are you a secured party? Do you perform lien searches, file UCCs and then monitor your perfected security interests to maintain priority? Solutions to streamline and improve UCC perfection processes continue to evolve and continue to improve your searching, filing and monitoring experiences. The latest? Application Programming Interfaces, aka APIs, are now center stage. You’ve heard the term probably, API. But what is an API anyway? Here’s…READ MORE