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Do You Need Plain or Certified Copies of Corporate Documents?


When ordering copies of corporate documents, the state filing office or your private service company will ask, “Do you need plain or certified copies of those documents?” This blog post will give a brief explanation of the difference and offer some examples of their uses. If you order a plain copy of business entity documents, e.g., articles, amendment/merger documents, annual filing etc. what you will receive is basically a photocopy…READ MORE

Ordering a Civil Litigation Search: 5 Pieces of Information Your Searcher will Need from You

Corporate, Due Diligence

Conscientious searchers know that an exhaustive pre-funding due diligence investigation will include a search of court records for civil litigation involving their prospect. Not being attorneys however, many are unsure of what to order or what information they will need to provide to get the ball rolling. In addition to the search name, there are five basic pieces of information you will need to supply in order to secure a relevant and…READ MORE

Why Reserve your Business Name?


Meeting with business partners, speaking with attorneys, making decisions, drafting documents, obtaining signatures… setting up a new business entity can take a lot of patience and planning. One important step you can take to help reduce your stress and simplify your job is to reserve your business name in advance of submitting your formation documents. The process is simple: Complete the proper request form for that state and pay…READ MORE

Understanding and Obtaining Good Standing Certificates


We here at First Corporate Solutions get a lot of inquiries about and requests for good standing certificates. Those of us in the public records industry interact with these documents all the time. Sometimes though, regular folks with no experience in corporate documents are told they need a good standing certificate and they feel lost and confused about what to do. As the title suggests, this week’s blog post aims to provide readers with…READ MORE