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Search Tip: Alert Your Searcher if You Expect Hits on Your Public Records Search

July 24, 2010 UCC, Due Diligence

Lenders gather information from a variety of sources to create a comprehensive profile of an applicant’s existing financial obligations and gauge their ability to repay debts. By the time the lender is ready to initiate public records searches on a prospect, they often already have an idea of what they expect to find based on applicant disclosures and credit report information etc. However, it is uncommon for a lender to provide this information…READ MORE


Tired of Slow UCC and Corporate Document Processing Times?

July 19, 2010 UCC, Corporate

As the U.S struggles toward economic recovery, most local governments are really feeling the pinch. State and county-level governments face overwhelming budget shortfalls, dramatically impacting their ability to deliver timely public services. These budget woes often translate into slowed turn around times for public record information requests and document filings. In this blog post, we will discuss three strategies for getting your hands…READ MORE


Civil Litigation Searching – What Court Should I Search?

July 09, 2010 Corporate, Litigation Research

In a recent blog post titled, “Ordering a Civil Litigation Search: 5 Pieces of Information Your Searcher Will Need From You,” we mentioned that when ordering a litigation search, your searcher will be expecting you to provide direction as to which specific court they should visit.  Several readers responded, saying that they could use some help figuring out what court to search. First Corporate Solutions cannot offer any legal advice…READ MORE


State Filing Office Terminology: Identifying Synonymous Corporate Terms

July 02, 2010 Corporate

One of the challenges associated with the filing and retrieval of corporate documents is the lack of consistency in state filing office terminology. This state-to-state variation makes it difficult to be certain you are interacting with the correct documents and using the appropriate language; driving many lenders, paralegals and entrepreneurs to work with a private service company to guide their corporate transactions. In this week’s…READ MORE