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Filing Financing Statements in Canada


Back in 2009, we published a blog post titled, “Filing UCC’s in Canada.” Since that time, several readers have posted responses, asking for more information on the process of filing in Canada. We have contacted each of these individually and offered help where we can. Herein, we revisit the topic and attempt to provide some additional information that we hope our readers will find useful. Canada governs commercial transactions under…READ MORE

3 Tips for Avoiding Rejection of Articles of Incorporation


In most states, filing articles of incorporation (or organization) is a pretty straightforward process; document filers simply fill out a form, collect a signature using Docusign integration software and send the document off to be filed. Nevertheless, corporate filings often get rejected and it is usually for simple errors. What follows is a brief overview of three easy tips to help guard against rejection of your business formation filings. 1.…READ MORE

Top 2011 Due Diligence Trends

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Happy 2011! It is a new year and there is a lot going on in the world of due diligence and risk management. What follows is a brief overview of a few stories we will be watching and blogging about this upcoming year. Increased Processing Times Faced with dramatic budget cuts, State filing offices are struggling to meet the public’s demand for quick and efficient access to public records. In 2011, we are likely to see even more delays…READ MORE