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Apostille Series # 3: Where Can I Obtain an Apostille Certification?


So far, our blog series on Apostilles has addressed four common questions regarding Apostille certification: What is an Apostille? What documents can receive Apostille certification? When does a document need an Apostille? And where is the Apostille Convention in effect? Herein we will answer one final question: Where can I obtain an Apostille certification for my document? Every nation that is a party to the Apostille Convention has…READ MORE

Apostille Series # 2: What, When and Where of Apostilles


Earlier this week on the blog, we provided some background information on the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents and answered the question, “What is an Apostille?” In this blog post, we look more closely at the Apostille process and address the what, when and where of Apostille certification. What Documents Can Receive Apostille Certification? The Apostille process, devised by…READ MORE

Apostille Series # 1: What is an Apostille?


In today’s global marketplace, public documents such as birth certificates, corporate charters, patent registrations, etc. are regularly used in countries other than where they were issued. Securing proper certification for documents to be used in an international transaction can be a bewildering and cumbersome process. Over the next few weeks, we will publish a series of blog posts addressing one of the more confusing topics in public…READ MORE