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Where to Search for Tax Liens

UCC, Litigation Research, Due Diligence

In previous blog posts, we have discussed the importance of searching for tax liens as part of a standard pre-funding due diligence investigation. To recap, there are two main reasons why it is critical to search for tax liens. First, tax liens are a factor in determining priority of claims and secondly, they are involuntary in nature, meaning that a debtor may not even be aware of a lien’s existence. As with any public record search,…READ MORE

Free Educational Webinar on Performing Lien Searches

UCC, Due Diligence, Events & Tradeshows

Over the years, First Corporate Solutions has published many blog posts relating to lien searching. Some of our most read posts on the topic of lien searching include, “What Party Names to Search as Part of Your Prefunding Due Diligence,” “Evaluating State UCC Search Options, a blog series,” “Why You Should be Searching For Tax Liens,” and “Three Quick Tips for Effective Lien Searching.” Now, we’ve combined these popular…READ MORE

Refer to Organizing Paperwork for Legal Name of a Business Debtor

UCC, Corporate, Litigation Research, Due Diligence

According to the Uniform Commercial Code, a UCC Financing Statement is only effective if it gets the debtor name right. A UCC Financing Statement that fails to properly identify the debtor by their legal name will not offer the secured party priority status to collect should the debtor default or file for bankruptcy. The Code goes on to say that for registered business debtors, the name that should appear on a UCC Financing Statement…READ MORE

Keeping Copy Costs Down for Your UCC & Lien Searches

UCC, Due Diligence

A couple of weeks ago, we featured a post on the blog titled, "Costs for Performing UCC, Lien and Litigation Searches" in which we discussed the types of fees you may encounter when hiring a service company to perform public records research, including: service fees, correspondent/agent fees, statutory/jurisdictional fees and copy costs. In this week’s blog post, we are going to share some additional information on copy costs and offer…READ MORE