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Tips for Reducing UCC Filing Costs

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As 2011 draws to a close, First Corporate Solutions is taking to our blog to offer suggestions for how our readers can decrease their spending for due diligence related tasks in the upcoming year. Last week, we discussed strategies for reducing the costs for lien searches while this week we tackle UCC filings. Herein, we share a couple of simple changes you can make to reduce your UCC filing costs. File Electronically One of the most…READ MORE

Tips for Reducing UCC and Lien Search Costs

Corporate, Due Diligence

As the 2011 nears its end, First Corporate Solutions recognizes that many of you are evaluating your expenses and looking for ways to reduce due diligence costs in the upcoming year. To lend a hand, we offer the following suggestions for decreasing your costs for lien searches - without jeopardizing priority or increasing your risk. Don’t Over-Search One of the simplest ways to keep lien searching costs down is to be careful not to…READ MORE

Answers to Common UCC Filing Questions Series: Part Four


This month, First Corporate Solutions decided to take to the blog to answer a few of our most commonly asked questions regarding UCC filings. Each week we have been posting 2-3 questions posed by First Corporate Solutions customers and prospects. This week represents our final blog post in the UCC Filing Questions Series. Here are this week’s questions and answers: Question: I’ve noticed that some states insert zeroes or a…READ MORE