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Punctuation Matters When Filing a UCC Financing Statement on a Business Debtor

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One of the more common areas of confusion that surrounds determining the legal name of debtors for input onto UCC Financing Statements involves the punctuation of business debtor names. Imagine a business that filled out their loan application as ABC Trucking Company, Inc. and has this version of their name printed on their letterhead and their business license, but their Articles of Incorporation list the name as A.B.C. Trucking Company,…READ MORE

New Developments as Fight Against UCC Fraud Gains Momentum


Earlier this year, FCS posted a story on our blog warning readers about Redemption Process and the dangers of UCC fraud. You can read that post here . We are happy to report that in recent weeks there has been significant progress in the fight against fraudulently filed UCC documents. In August, the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) released their report on bogus UCC filings titled, “State Strategies to Subvert Fraudulent…READ MORE

UCC Termination Statements, a Trap for the Unwary: Part Ten


We are pleased to welcome back guest author, attorney, Bennett L. Cohen to the FCS blog! Read on for the ninth installment in his blog series addressing the intricacies of UCC Termination Statements. UCC Termination Statements, a Trap for the Unwary: Part Ten As discussed last week, more due diligence is necessary if the debtor itself filed the UCC termination. In such case, it is suggested that the secured party issue a letter to you…READ MORE