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First Corporate Solutions Revised Article 9 Amendments Resource Page is Now Live

UCC, Revised Article 9

The 2010 amendments to Revised Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code (RA9) are set to go into effect in only a few short months. Some FCS customers and regular readers of our blog have expressed apprehension about the impending changes and have requested additional information. In response, FCS has created a resource page as a one-stop shop to answer all of your RA9 amendment questions! Visit our RA 9 Resources page here http://info.ficoso.com/ra9_resources …READ MORE

Wyoming Passes Legislation to Extend Term of UCC Financing Statement to Ten Years

UCC, Legislation

Last week, the Wyoming governor signed WY House Bill 3 into law. This piece of legislation, set to go into effect July 01, 2013, will extend the term of effectiveness for UCC Financing Statements filed in the state of Wyoming from five years to ten. The change will not retroactively extend the term for existing UCC Financing Statements. All UCC Financing Statements filed before July 1, 2013 will retain their five year term while any UCC…READ MORE

Why UCC3’s Are Not Found When Searched at the Local County Level?


Performing UCC searches at the state level is a relatively easy endeavor. The Uniform Commercial Code establishes filing officer responsibilities and filing rules and organizations such as the International Association of Commercial Administrators devise search protocols that are somewhat consistent across all states. Searching for UCC/Fixture Filings at the county level is a much more complex task. Due to some serious deficiencies, searchers…READ MORE

Delaware, Corporate Capital of the World! Practical Tips for Incorporating in Delaware

UCC, Corporate

First Corporate Solutions recently hosted a free webinar event, Delaware, Corporate Capital of the World. For those of you who were unable to attend, we recap some of the main points from that presentation here in this blog post. As most of you are aware, Delaware is an incredibly popular state for business formations . The state’s tax codes, chancery court, body of law and state legislature all promote a business friendly philosophy…READ MORE