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Free eBook Offer: Important Revisions to Article 9’s UCC Rules Regarding Individual Debtor Names

UCC, Revised Article 9

Attorney Bennett Cohen writes: “The 2010 Amendments to the Code for filing against individual debtors were supposed to bring clarity for secured parties (and in some respects there is more clarity). However, these new filing rules, in my opinion, may bring more complexity and uncertainty for secured parties going forward in terms of both filing and searching against individual debtors due to the risks described in this article and the…READ MORE

Free Reference Guide: How Long Should I Wait to Order my Search to Reflect?


A search to reflect is a search of the UCC records of the office where you filed a UCC, after your document has posted to the index. These searches are sometimes referred to a  post filing verification search. Since you have to wait for the UCC index to "catch up" to your filing date, it can be tricky to know when to place your search request. Download this free reference guide from First Corporate Solutions to learn more about these…READ MORE

The Rising Cost of Due Diligence: California Courts May Increase Copy and Retrieval Rates

UCC, Corporate, Due Diligence

The Sacramento Bee ran an interesting piece last week which discusses California Governor Jerry Brown’s proposal to double the per page copy cost for court documents from $0.50 to $1.00. If approved, the same proposal would authorize California courts to charge a $10.00 fee for the clerk to retrieve a case file. The article raises some good questions about the availability and affordability of public records to the media and to the disadvantaged. Read…READ MORE

Free Reference Guide: “When is a Terminated UCC Record Not Really Terminated?”

UCC, Corporate

This week, First Corporate Solutions launches a brand new feature on the blog! Visit the blog each Thursday to download a new free reference guide on topics such as UCC filing mistakes, litigation searching, corporate filing and retrieval and more! Did you know that there are a few occasions in which a UCC record with a corresponding termination statement can still be effective? Download this free reference guide from First Corporate…READ MORE

Three Tips for Choosing a UCC Search Option


Previously on the blog we’ve discussed the three main state-level UCC search options that are available. You can read more on certified searches, state direct database searches and proprietary database searches in our Evaluating State UCC Search Options blog series. In this post, we offer three tips to help you choose a UCC search option that works best for you and your firm. Consider the Total Cost Some search options can result in…READ MORE