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Understanding the Limitations of State Direct UCC Online Searches & New Alternative Solution

July 26, 2013 UCC, Due Diligence

First Corporate Solutions is excited to announce that in next few weeks we will be launching a completely redesigned online due diligence system using the most advanced web technology available today. In addition to the broad-based name searching capabilities and reliable state-direct data we’ve always provided, the new system features an expansive library of document images in PDF format, lifetime search history, real-time reporting of…READ MORE


Free Reference Guide: Ordering a Civil Litigation Search

July 18, 2013 UCC, Corporate, Tips

A civil litigation search is a critical piece of any thorough pre-funding due diligence investigation. Some lenders though are unsure about how exactly to order their search to achieve the best results. In addition to the search name, there are five basic pieces of information you will need to supply in order to secure a relevant and useful civil litigation search result. Download this free reference guide from First Corporate Solutions…READ MORE


Free Reference Guide: Delaware State UCC Searching

July 12, 2013 UCC, Corporate, Tips

It is crucial to have a good working knowledge of a state’s search logic prior to ordering or performing UCC searches in that jurisdiction With so many businesses organizing in Delaware, it has become one of the highest volume UCC search states. Download this free reference guide from First Corporate Solutions to learn more about UCC searching in Delaware. Click Here to Download Now! How Can First Corporate Solutions Help? First…READ MORE


Free Reference Guide: Three Tips for Avoiding Rejection of Articles of Incorporation

July 03, 2013 UCC, Corporate, Tips

In most states, filing articles of incorporation (or organization) is a pretty straightforward process - fill out a form, collect a signature, and send the document off to be filed. Nevertheless, corporate filings often get rejected and it is usually for simple errors. Download this free guide from First Corporate Solutions to learn three easy tips to help guard against rejection of your business formation filings. Click Here to Download…READ MORE