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If a UCC is filed with attachment pages, will the acknowledgement copy contain a date and file number on each page of the attachment?


Some filing offices will place a file number stamp or sticker on each page of a filed instrument, though most do not. Ordering a Search to Reflect to include copies of filed documents can confirm that the attachment pages were filed along with the face page. Questions? Contact First Corporate Solutions Free Reference Materials Visit our free reference library to download reference guides and other resource materials on UCC &…READ MORE

[On-Demand Webinar] Refresh Your UCC Knowledge

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It's time to refresh your UCC knowledge! Join us this week for a practical overview of common UCC filing mistakes. An Insider's Guide to Avoid UCC Filing Mistakes Duration: 30 Minutes What Will You Learn? Join us for a practical overview of common mistakes that occur on UCC filings and tips for how to avoid them. Designed for beginning-level UCC filers, this 30 minute presentation discusses errors that result in rejection as well…READ MORE

Revised 2014 California Business Entity Forms


With the Business Entity Form Changes in California, the following forms have been revised.  The prior version of these forms will remain acceptable for filing, but will no longer be available on the California Secretary of State website.  These revised forms can be filed on or after January 2, 2014.  To get the revised forms, go to www.sos.ca.gov/business/be/forms.htm: Business Entities Fee Schedule Form LLC-3 (Certificate of…READ MORE

Can I file my UCC on a “dba”?

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You can, but keep in mind that according to the Uniform Commercial Code, filing under a trade name (dba) alone is not sufficient to perfect a security interest. In order to perfect, a secured party must file under the legal name of the debtor; a “dba” name does not constitute a legal name. A secured party may file under both the legal name and the trade name if they wish. Please refer to our previous blog post, Omit “dba” Notation…READ MORE