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FCS Online UCC and Lien Search System Adds Arkansas, Maine, Vermont and Wyoming

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We are delighted to announce we have expanded our online UCC and lien search system to include Arkansas, Maine, Vermont and Wyoming. Starting Monday, March 31, active users may log on to and search our reliable data obtained directly from the states. These new states add 1,407,279 UCC and lien documents to our online system. Use our broad-based search engine to locate liens by debtor name or file number, then use our…READ MORE

Tips for Effective UCC and Lien Searching

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The simple purpose of UCC and lien searching is to minimize your lending risk by accurately informing your lending decisions. UCC and lien searching is not a black or white process, however; the quality of your search results plays a essential role in helping you to determine that risk. If for any reason your search results are inaccurate or incomplete, your effectiveness in mitigating your lending risk is diminished. Read on for tips…READ MORE

[On-Demand Webinar] The Basics of Lien Priority

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It's time to refresh your lien knowledge. Join us this week to learn more about lien priority. The Basics of Lien Priority Duration: 60 Minutes Webinar Description Mastery of lien priority is critical in today’s high stakes, fast-paced world of commercial transactions. Whether you’re new to the industry or an industry veteran, you won’t want to miss this presentation by Texas attorney Bradley B. Clark on lien priority. Questions? Contact…READ MORE