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Did You Know a Judgment Lien Can Potentially Prime Your Perfected Security Interest?

UCC, Due Diligence

It’s not common knowledge, common in the way everyone knows how a Federal tax lien can prime a perfected security interest. But it’s true. Check out this article from Pahl McCay’s Catherine Robertson discussing the subject. Her final recommendation can be found at the end of her article, “we recommend you maintain a monitoring service for lien filings against your debtors.” The critical aspect here is that the monitoring…READ MORE

Why Should You Cast a Wide Net When Performing Your UCC Lien Search?

UCC, Due Diligence

This is a question we face all the time when discussing our search methodology with customers and other interested parties. What does casting a wide net even mean in this context? Essentially, it means performing a search so that broad based results are produced, not narrow ones. That might seem counter intuitive since secured parties are required to file their UCCs with the exact legal names of entities and individuals as debtors, but…READ MORE

When Searching Legal Entities in California, Do You Need to Also Search the Officers, Members and Trustees?

Corporate, Revised Article 9

This is a question that comes up in the due diligence process and is an important one to consider as you fulfill your lien and corporate search requirements when qualifying new candidates for loans and also as you monitor your perfected security interests going forward. When conducting a search on a legal entity, such as a Corporation, LLC or Trust, should a search be conducted on the officers, members and/or trustees? The answer depends…READ MORE

Does Article 9 Recognize Secured Parties’ Choice To Alter Their Relative Priority? Is Public Notice Required?


When recently presented with these questions, we found the answers from Darrell Pierce of the law firm Dykema Gossett PLLC , reprinted below: “Article 9 recognizes that secured parties may choose to alter their relative priority by agreement. There is no need to file notices of subordination to make them legally effective, or to maintain the perfected status of either security party. However, for the purpose of informing searchers that…READ MORE

[Limited Time Offer] Free Georgia Online UCC Searches


[Limited Time Offer] All Georgia state searches our users run on FCS online UCC searching, filing and portfolio management system through the end of April (4/30/2015) are free of charge. For existing clients, simply log in on starting Monday, April 1, 2015 to experience the benefits in action and take advantage of this opportunity. Not an FCS online user? Claim your offer today by scheduling a demo and entering special code…READ MORE