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The Rise Of Merchant Cash Advancers

Reduce Financial Risk

The Merchant Cash Advance market continues to rise and this week we take a closer look at it. A merchant cash advance started as lump sum payments to businesses in exchange for a percentage of future credit card/debit card transactions. It’s a way for businesses to gain cash quickly while also structuring a relatively short-term payment plan. Businesses which perhaps met some difficulties accessing capital in the traditional avenues…READ MORE

[Important] Delaware SOS Website To Be Closed For Major Conversion


The Delaware Division of Corporations office will be closed Friday, September 4, and will reopen on Tuesday, September 8. The reason for the closure is to implement a major computer system conversion over Labor Day weekend. The upgrade to its imaging, workflow and data systems will allow enhanced services and products and be its first major overhaul since 1989. You can read what is posted on the Delaware Secretary of State’s website…READ MORE

Tax Liens & UCCs Often Maintained In Separate Indexes


Depending on the specific state where you are conducting your lien search, tax lien records can often be maintained in separate indexes from UCCs. Sometimes these separate indexes can be found within the Secretary of States themselves, like in Illinois where the SOS maintains a separate index for UCCs and a separate index for Federal tax liens; searching only the UCC index will not reveal Federal tax liens of record. Other times these…READ MORE