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Tips for ‘Reading’ Your UCC Search Report


Are UCC searches and results a part of your process? Here are 3 tips to reading the UCC search reports you receive. Review Search Parameters Review that the proper name was searched free of spelling errors, the search was performed in the correct filing office and that all requested lien types were included in the search effort. Note the Index Date A UCC search should list an index date to inform you of how current the lien information…READ MORE

Important Notice: Delaware Secretary of State Division of Corporations Office To Maintain 8am – 5pm EST Operating Hours Next Week

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As was the case this week, next week the Delaware Division of Corporations will continue to maintain operating hours of 8am EST to 5pm EST Monday through Friday, September 14 through September 18. This will allow for overnight maintenance and troubleshooting after the major computer system overhaul they implemented over Labor Day Weekend. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact First Corporate Solutions at 800.406.1577. –…READ MORE

Searching for UCCs and Tax Liens? Try Using Search Systems With Broad Based Search Logic

UCC, Due Diligence

Today we dip into our past to revisit a key and popular topic here at the ficoso blog:  the importance of broad based UCC and lien searching. Give it a read and share your thoughts and experiences below. Broad Based UCC and Lien Name Searching: What is it? Why is it Important? Various options exist to fulfill UCC and lien search requirements. Certified searches come directly from the filing office, state direct database searches are…READ MORE