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UCC Mistakes And Errors To Watch Out For


We’re all only human. Try and try as we may to eliminate missteps and foul ups, they still occur. We do our best to mitigate the damages and to learn from our mistakes, maybe make changes to procedures and equipment and look to further educate ourselves on whatever we’re doing, but even then, as the saying goes, things happen. Same is true in the world of secured transactions when perfecting a security interest with a UCC filing.…READ MORE

Post-Filing Due Diligence As Important As Pre-Filing When It Comes To UCCs

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So you’ve done your lien searching and entity verification, you’ve searched the courts for pending litigation and bankruptcies, and you’ve perfected your security interest by filing your Financing Statement…now what? Post-filing due diligence is just as important as all the searching you do pre-filing to qualify a new debtor. In fact, why go to all the trouble to investigate a potential new debtor’s credit worthiness, and decide…READ MORE