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UCC3 Continuations and Accidentally Lapsed UCC Filings

June 30, 2016 UCC

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), first published in 1952, is a collection of provisions that govern commercial transactions in the United States. The UCC itself is not law but instead a compilation of suggested best practices. Article 9 of the UCC regards Secured Transactions, that is “business dealings that grant a creditor a right in property owned or held by a debtor to assure the payment of a debt or the performance of some obligation”…READ MORE


Tips To Help You Avoid Rejections On Your UCC And Corporate Filings

June 23, 2016 UCC

You’ve done all your due diligence. You’ve qualified your debtor, all your ducks are lined up. Now you just need to file your UCC and/or corporate documents. It’s just a technicality, right? The heavy lifting is done. And then your filing gets rejected! What happened? Well it could be any of a number of things depending on the filing office you’re interacting with, but one things for sure:  rejected filing cost secured parties…READ MORE


Are You Getting the Most Out Of Your UCC Search Results?

June 16, 2016 UCC

So you’ve determined for your UCC and lien searches who to search, what to search, and where to search. You’ve placed your order or performed the search yourself and it has been completed. The search results are in hand and now you must interpret what you’ve found. Are all search result reports the same? No, they are not. UCC search reports vary in appearance and contain different information depending on the data source. This reference…READ MORE


Lien Searching Tips—Who, What, Where

June 09, 2016 UCC

So who should you target when you perform your lien searches? What lien types should you search for? Where should you search for them? These are all fundamental questions to answer to better uncover your prospect’s financial situation and better evaluate their credit worthiness. If you’re a secured party, you’ve done lien searching. You know it’s important to search the public record, to uncover existing financial obligations…READ MORE


First Corporate Solutions CEO Contributes to the Sacramento Bee Investigative Report on Corporate Transparency

June 08, 2016 Registered Agent

In its June 5 Sunday edition, the Sacramento Bee published the investigative article Intrigue, offshore connections to Sacramento in ‘Panama Papers’ leak (see quotes below from the article). While First Corporate Solutions (FCS) is featured as a Sacramento-based service company, the investigation’s focus centers on the shortcomings and lack of transparency in the US corporate law system. It also confirms that FCS has done nothing wrong,…READ MORE


Ultimate State Research Links Library

June 03, 2016 Corporate, Litigation Research

Getting organized, eliminating clutter, consolidating and streamlining. We’ve all heard these buzz words, we’ve all worked towards accomplishing them. When something pops up that helps us do these things, we take advantage. Every little time saver helps as life around us gets faster and faster. Here at FCS it’s the same. As a service company, we’re committed to constantly striving to help our customers increase efficiencies while…READ MORE