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Time To Choose A UCC Portfolio Manager? Here Are Some Tips To Consider

July 28, 2016 UCC, Online UCC System, Reduce Financial Risk, Tips

Is your UCC portfolio growing? Are your UCC management processes growing with it? Are your current UCC solutions able to scale to support your success? For example, have you ever missed the window for filing a UCC3 Continuation, and thus lost your perfected security interest? Are you still managing your UCC portfolio from a spreadsheet? Are you still filing direct with Secretary of States which require you to understand and navigate each…READ MORE


UCC Filing Mistakes To Avoid And Other Potential Filing Issues

July 22, 2016 UCC

When filing UCCs, you’re looking to perfect your security interest while avoiding rejections, but things can go wrong. You can follow proper procedures and still things can go wrong resulting in rejected filings, security interests that are not perfected, and more. Nevertheless, of course you should follow proper procedures. To learn more about them, check out this 30-minute webinar An Insider’s Guide To Avoiding UCC Filing Mistakes.…READ MORE


Do Similar Names and Name Variations Matter?

July 14, 2016 UCC, Online UCC System

To perfect a security interest with a UCC filing, the simple act of filing your lien is not enough. You have to do it correctly. There are specific guidelines to follow, including how to determine the specific debtor name or names to include on your UCC. But these specific naming guidelines are not extended to others who also file liens in the public record, others like the IRS and State taxing agencies, or even individuals filing judgment…READ MORE


Looking for a One Stop Shop for Nationwide Business Entity Searching? Look No Further

July 08, 2016 Corporate

You’ve probably been there. You’re performing your due diligence to qualify the credit worthiness of some new prospects, you’re doing your lien searches, your credit checks, your court research including bankruptcy, and if your prospects are entities, also your business entity research—what’s the exact legal name, are they in good standing, who are the officers, etc. To do all of this research, you have to go to this state’s…READ MORE