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APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) For UCCs—It’s A Big Deal (Part II)

UCC, Online UCC System

Direct B2B Interfaces for Public Records Transactions We blogged a quick overview of APIs a couple of weeks ago and noted how API technology has made its way into public records and UCC processes and procedures. But how? APIs for public records transactions include: UCC Search Business Entity Search UCC Filing Monitoring of Debtors' UCC/Lien activity and Business Entity changes Monitoring activity in US District…READ MORE

First Corporate Solutions Releases Hawaii, Louisiana, Michigan and Tennessee UCC Online Data

UCC, Online UCC System

First Corporate Solutions (FCS) is pleased to announce that we are releasing Hawaii, Louisiana, Michigan and Tennessee data to our online UCC search system. Effective Monday, November 21, users can search our UCC data indices for Hawaii, Louisiana, Michigan and Tennessee utilizing FCS' state-of-the-art search engine designed to uncover name variations and potential hidden liens. In addition, we’re excited to include the following…READ MORE

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) For UCCs—It’s A Big Deal (Part I)

UCC, Online UCC System

Are you a secured party? Do you perform lien searches, file UCCs and then monitor your perfected security interests to maintain priority? Solutions to streamline and improve UCC perfection processes continue to evolve and continue to improve your searching, filing and monitoring experiences. The latest? Application Programming Interfaces, aka APIs, are now center stage. You’ve heard the term probably, API. But what is an API anyway? Here’s…READ MORE

Tips For Your Fast-Paced Year End Corporate Transaction (Part II)

Corporate, Tips

To add to last week’s blog, these are a few additional tips to move your deals at lightning speed and efficiency. Have your service company "in the deal" as a partner. If you are able to share a few key points to the transaction, deadlines, or closing date by walking your service provider through the transaction, it will help you execute on multiple points.  This may include Initial Annual Reports, Publication, County Recording,…READ MORE