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Tips to Choose the Right Title Search Company – Is Title Insurance Always Needed?

Title Related Topics

With impacts from COVID-19 changing so many things, you may be relieved to know that there are some things that remain the same. That is the case for certain title searches, depending on what they are intended for. Is an insured title product with a corresponding title policy required for all your title searches? Do you always need to pay for that premium? In today’s litigious society, the answer would seem to be yes. But is that…READ MORE

5 Types of UCC3 Change Statements


A UCC3 is a change statement to a UCC1. It’s an amendment filing to an original UCC1 financing statement that changes or adds information to the originally filed UCC1. It’s a filing tool secured parties use to manage their UCC portfolio to maintain their perfected security interests. Importantly, • the timing of UCC3 recording execution • the accuracy of the data changes or additions • and choosing the correct amendment…READ MORE

Reduce UCC Filing Errors with an API for UCC


Reduce UCC filing errors and streamline UCC processes while you improve compliance and accuracy - all at the same time. Sound good? You can do it with API for UCC. API for UCC allows you to improve compliance and accuracy while at the same time easing workload. It frees up valuable time for you and your staff to focus energies on other key aspects of your operation, and gives you the power to efficiently manage your growing portfolio…READ MORE

FCS adjusts to COVID-19

Services / System Update

Along with the rest of the world, First Corporate Solutions continues to adjust and adapt to COVID-19. We continue to listen and learn as the evolving situation develops, and continue to follow information and guidance from experts to lead our actions as we look to protect our employees from harm’s way while also fulfilling our responsibilities to our clients and partners in risk management and compliance. What has FCS done? One…READ MORE