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Senate Bill 12 – Bulk Sale Law Updates (6/3/2012)

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[Updated: 6/5/2012] There is news and updates to report regarding SB12 and the efforts being made to defeat it. Please see the letter linked here, composed by the Escrow Institute’s Tim Egan and other committee members listed below, which voices our collective concerns. Larry Shewfelt Donna GradyDiane Boudreau-Tschetter Nancy Silberberg Beulah Stidham Patsy Mercado PJ Garcia Further, they have an SB 12 conference call… >> READ MORE

Breaking News! Senate Bill 12 / SB12 Update

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To our esteemed clients, friends and blog readers: [Updated 8/9/2012, 6:00 PM] Good news - First Corporate Solutions was told in our meeting this afternoon with Senator Corbett’s office that, even though the bill was amended again on 8/7/2012, the Senator has decided not to pursue SB 12 with provisions eliminating or even addressing the bulk sales law. Note that although this is fantastic news, there isn't 100% certainty until the amended… >> READ MORE

Wyoming Passes Legislation to Extend Term of UCC Financing Statement to Ten Years

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Last week, the Wyoming governor signed WY House Bill 3 into law. This piece of legislation, set to go into effect July 01, 2013, will extend the term of effectiveness for UCC Financing Statements filed in the state of Wyoming from five years to ten. The change will not retroactively extend the term for existing UCC Financing Statements. All UCC Financing Statements filed before July 1, 2013 will retain their five year term while any UCC… >> READ MORE

Revised California LLC Forms – Effective 1/1/14

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With the upcoming changes to the California Limited Liability Company Filings effective January 1, 2014, the current version of the following forms will not be accepted for filing after December 31, 2013. Form LLC-1 (Articles of Organization). Form LLC-1A (Articles of Organization - Conversion) Form LLC-2 (Certificate of Amendment) Forms LLC-10 (Restated Articles of Organization) Form LLC-8 (Certificate of Continuation) Form… >> READ MORE

Revised 2014 California Business Entity Forms

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With the Business Entity Form Changes in California, the following forms have been revised.  The prior version of these forms will remain acceptable for filing, but will no longer be available on the California Secretary of State website.  These revised forms can be filed on or after January 2, 2014.  To get the revised forms, go to Business Entities Fee Schedule Form LLC-3 (Certificate of… >> READ MORE

California Assembly Bill 2416

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Assembly Bill 2416, a bill currently moving through the California Legislature, could have negative effects on California business owners. The bill will allow an employee to place a lien on the personal property of their employer. Many organizations are opposed to this bill and have been vocal about their opposition, including the California Escrow Association. Below is the CEA’s stance on the bill: AB 2416 (Stone) would allow an employee,… >> READ MORE

Assembly Bill 2416 [Update]

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From the California Escrow Association: CEA and CLTA have been strongly opposing AB 2416 (Stone).  AB 2416 was heard on the Senate Floor on Thursday, August 28, and failed, but was granted reconsideration, meaning it may come up for a vote again. Though we’ve heard about possible amendments underway, none that we are aware of would remove our concerns. Please see here for their original post.  >> READ MORE