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Three Actionable Things Lawyers Can Do To Polish Their Online Presence

January 08, 2015 Tips

This week have have a guest post from LawTrades.com, a service that helps place lawyers with those in need. They will discuss a few actions that lawyers can do to help market themselves online.

Three Actionable Things Lawyers Can Do To Polish Their Online Presence

Word of mouth is great, it’s been the primary avenue for lawyers to find new clients. However, an increasing amount of people aren’t resorting to a word of mouth referral to find a lawyer for them. If they are, it’s a very limited segment of people and it will continue to shrink. As much as lawyers hate to admit, people are beginning their lawyer searches online. Most professional service industries are already online like ZocDoc, which helps you find a doctor or Bench.co for finding a bookkeeper for your business.

In a highly digitized world, it’s essential for lawyers to maintain an online presence. Maintaining an online presence helps your practice stay relevant. Here are four actionable things that lawyers should do to help them become relevant online.

Revamp Your Website.

Having a professional website that looks sleek and has modern functionality is a huge way to distinguish your firm from the rest. Most solo practitioners and small law firms have a standard website with a bio, contact information and their practice areas. One thing that causes client backlash is accessibility, you can change this with a booking system on your website which allows clients to schedule a consultation with you. Also, consumers are always searching for reviews because reviews matter. Invest in a high quality template to make your website look modern. This can cost anywhere from $50-$100. If you have typical pricing that you charge for certain projects such as contract review, or forming a business make the process easy for your client to complete by letting them purchase that service online.  We can help you out with all of this at LawTrades.

Content Market the Right Way

Posting on a blog everyday might accomplish very little because you might not necessarily have a large following on your blog just yet. Although I think there’s a lot of value in posting valuable content on your blog everyday, if you’re looking to reach a large audience with your content, then consider posting on platforms such as Linkedin Pulse or Medium. These platforms have an inherent viral loop; a solid post on any of these platforms can reach thousands of users within a matter of days. The content has to be valuable and you should take an active role in promoting the content. You can always link back to your website as well. Spending time on a quality post can really go along way since the potential audience reach is very large. It takes a lot of time to put together quality posts, but you can’t expect content marketing to return an ROI overnight.

Story tell on social media

Any person that you would want to use your firm’s services probably visits Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest multiple times per day. Do you have a presence on any of these platforms? If not, then you should start because this is a great way to start building your brand and engaging with new audiences that can use your services in the future. The biggest mistake that lawyers make on social media is that they fill their timelines with Tweets or Posts about free consultations. Lawyers are going for the “close” way to quickly and frequently without understanding the context of these platforms. That’s why lawyers look at these platforms as not being able to deliver a potential ROI. On these platforms, you have to bring real value, share interesting articles, quotes, pictures etc. By creating an audience that you can engage with about topics outside of the law, it will pay off in the long run when you attempt to go for the close in the future.

Although some attorneys are worried about the Internet draining money out of the legal industry, it’s important to note that lawyers can stay ahead of the game by becoming relevant online. It may take an hour or two out of the day but that’s what’s required to build an audience, provide value and then go for the close.

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