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Do Similar Names and Name Variations Matter?

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To perfect a security interest with a UCC filing, the simple act of filing your lien is not enough. You have to do it correctly. There are specific guidelines to follow, including how to determine the specific debtor name or names to include on your UCC.

But these specific naming guidelines are not extended to others who also file liens in the public record, others like the IRS and State taxing agencies, or even individuals filing judgment liens. Yet all of these lien types are often filed and recorded in the same filing offices and thus are mixed into the same indexes for searching.

That can be tricky.

The key to uncovering all lien types within these mixed indexes is to make sure you search your debtor name by using Broad Based Name Searching techniques and search engines. Broad based name searching features are powerful tools that help searchers uncover name variations and locate mis-indexed filings.

So, uncovering name variations is vital to finding the involuntary lien types that may negatively affect your perfected security interest. When you search, be sure you’re using tools and techniques that uncover similar names to locate tax liens, judgment liens and mis-indexed filings.

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