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Checklist: Choose The Right Title Search Company

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When you need a title search, there is a checklist of vital questions to consider before choosing a title search company to fulfill your title search need. Title reporting is an intricate and detailed process. To accurately inform your decision making,  experience and expert know-how are required to craft a comprehensive report worthy of your trust.

So what should you look for in a Title Search Company?

Reliability – Is the Title Search Company Reliable?

  • Are reports delivered when promised?
  • If work is delayed, are you alerted before it’s due, or after it’s already late?
  • How long has the Title Search Company been in business?
  • Do they carry Errors and Omissions insurance?

Quality – Does the Title Search Company produce quality reports?

  • Are they knowledgeable about title norms and customs?
  • Do they have a detailed knowledge of title documents?
  • Do they read and understand legal descriptions? Many searchers rely on parcel numbers or addresses instead of carefully reviewing the legal description; this practice can lead to incomplete and inaccurate reporting.

Coverage – Does the Title Search Company offer full services?

  • Do they provide nationwide coverage?
  • Do they offer other public records services that complement their title services, like corporate and UCC?
  • Do they provide dedicated customer service support?

If you want quality title searches from a reliable partner with total coverage, contact us today. First Corporate Solutions works with our customers to first understand their needs, then creates a customized title report to address and answer those needs.



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