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Real Property Title Searches Defined

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What is an Owner and Encumbrance Search? What is the difference between an Owner and Encumbrance Search and a Full Title Search? How about a Real Property Asset Search or an Easement/Boundary Dispute Search, what are they?

If you’ve ever wondered about any of these questions, read on for Real Property Title Searches Defined.

  • Owner and Encumbrance Search – Title reports which support and limit reported research to current ownership information and liens affecting real property within a defined date period. The period searched usually is limited to the date of acquisition by the current owner forward, but can be expanded as necessary or requested.
  • Full Title Searches – Full Title reports which defines matters in the record specifically affecting real property and lien information including:
  1. Real Property Taxes
  2. Easements, Agreements of Record and Restrictions (sometimes referred to as C, C and R’s)
  3. Equitable liens (Deeds of Trust/Mortgage; Judgment; Federal/State Tax Liens) and other money liens affecting the real property and its ownership parties.
  • Easement/Boundary Dispute Searches – Specified searches (usually 30 to 50 years) which report only non-monetary matters affecting the premises, such as:
  1. Utility Access
  2. Drainage and other easements of necessity
  3. Restrictions which contain easement rights including agreements for common easement or facility and filed maps/plats of record.
  • Real Property Asset Searches – Index and Title Plant examinations to locate any real property owned within a defined party name and county.

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