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How to Manage Your Growing UCC Portfolio?

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Is your UCC portfolio growing? As it grows are your UCC management processes growing with it? Can your current solutions scale up to support your success?

These are questions and challenges successful lending institutions face as they grow and expand. Solutions that made sense before are perhaps no longer optimal. Maybe UCC filing directly with the Secretary of State made sense when your portfolio was in only one state, but managing accounts and filing idiosyncrasies as your footprint expands state by state? That can be tricky and time consuming and ultimately not necessary as numerous proprietary UCC portfolio managers on the market address these issues perfectly and are designed to simplify and accurately streamline your UCC processes. They are designed to give you tools to help manage your growth and scale up with you as you succeed.

Ever missed the window for filing a UCC3 Continuation, and thus lost your perfected security interest? Today’s state of the art web based UCC portfolio managers are designed specifically to assure that does not occur and provide features that allow quick and accurate UCC3 creation and submission, freeing you up to address other important items. Do you manage your UCC portfolio in a spreadsheet? Why not explore the option that brings all of that UCC data into one portfolio manager in which you can create, submit, warehouse and manage your entire UCC process.

As hard earned effort turns into success and you begin to experience the growth you set out to accomplish, processes and operations need to grow with you to support it all. Web-based UCC portfolio managers do just that and allow you to spend your valuable time and energy on other critical items in your decision making and lending processes. If the time is right for you and your firm, set up a demo and see for yourself how they can benefit you.




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