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Important Information For FBN Filers In California

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Do You File FBN Statements In California?

California Senate Bill 1467 amended Business and Professions Code sections 17901, 17913, 17914 and 17916 and went into effect January 1, 2015. With the implementation of this bill most counties in California revised their Fictitious Business Name Statement forms and also added some supplemental forms to meet the Senate Bill’s requirements.

An issue has arisen with the implementation of the new forms. On the forms, there is a section that contains special logos, graphics and/or spacing. With the variety of methods to access the forms through the internet, some of the special items are not printing out, and the counties that have these special logos or graphics will not file the forms if they are missing. While it may appear at first glance that all of the boxes and/or lines are completed this is not enough; all of the form(s) must be printed out from top to bottom. The main point is that anyone using these forms must review and compare what is showing on their screen from the County’s website to what is actually printed out. Only then can one be assured all data was captured.

Are you using these forms in California? What have you experienced with the implementation of Senate Bill 1467 in California? Share your thoughts below.



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