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UCC Noise Words in Delaware

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Since the uniform commercial code isn’t exactly applied uniformly throughout all the states, and due to the high volume of searching the state of Delaware, service companies get a lot of questions from people wondering what words are dropped when they do a Delaware UCC search with the Secretary of State. Thankfully, the Secretary of State’s office publishes a list to identify the words they ignore when performing UCC searches, also known as their “noise words.”

You can follow this link to a comprehensive list of the State’s noise words:

A quick comment on the State’s list – It is important to note that the ending noise words are just that: they will only be dropped if they appear at the end of your search name. That means that if you search “ABC Company,” your listing will include filings indexed under “ABC Company” as well as “ABC LP” and “ABC Limited Liability Company,” but will not include filings indexed under “ABC Company Holdings” or “ABC Company, a Delaware Corporation,” for example.

Lastly, please keep in mind that although the State programmed their system to drop certain noise words, errors can occur. If you ever get results that you suspect are not correct, always check in with your UCC & corporate service provider or the Secretary of State to double-check.




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