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Compliance Control Program

Integrated Lender - Law Firm Portfolio Management

Compliance Control Program (CCP)
Integrated Lender – Law Firm
Portfolio Management

The First Corporate Solutions Compliance Control Program creates seamless collaboration between the lender and their outside counsel.  This system will allow lenders to capture UCC filing and search information more effectively and minimize the risks associated with law firm prepared documents.  In addition, all document images will be stored and tracked within the FCS Online system.

Lender Benefits:
Improved Efficiency With Instant Document Access
Immediate and ongoing access to any document searched for or submitted to the public record by your law firm.
Save Time and Effort
No need to worry about creating historical filings prepared by your law firm. All attorney prepared filings will be tracked for expiration in your FCS online portfolio.
Law Firm Benefits:
Increased Productivity With Seamless Workflows
Enhancements to compliance process management and workflow enhancements between the law firm and the multiple banks it services.
Reduced Labor Intensive Work
No more scanning or emailing of UCC filing acknowledgements or search results to bank personnel.

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