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Educational Webinars

Our webinars are aimed to offer practical tips to both experienced and inexperienced risk management and due diligence professionals

Archived and Live Webinars

Webinar Title Length Access to Webinar
Introduction to PMSI Transactions Anytime
1 Hour
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The presentation explains why PMSI transactions are important for borrowers and lenders, what type of collateral is usually the subject of a PMSI transaction, the items that a lender must undertake in order to create and perfect a PMSI and the effect of a PMSI on a previously-perfected all assets lender..

An Insider's Guide to Avoiding UCC Filing Mistakes Anytime
30 Minutes
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Join us for a practical overview of common mistakes that occur on UCC filings and tips for how to avoid them. Designed for beginning-level UCC filers, this 30 minute presentation discusses errors that result in rejection as well as those that make it into the public record only to be discovered in the event of a competing claim.

Evaluating State UCC Search Options Anytime
30 Minutes
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Deciding what data sources to trust is the first step in securing high quality, dependable lien search results. With this presentation, we provide an overview of the search options that are available for satisfying state UCC search requirements and discuss ways to evaluate them to determine if they are a good fit for your organization.