Online UCC System

Use our web-based tools to perfect and maintain security interests, meet deadlines and close transactions with ease

Online UCC Searching, Filing and Monitoring

Perform Instant UCC, Lien and Corporate Searches

  • Uncover Name Variations
  • Search History Saved
  • Download Instant Document Images

Utilize our broad-based search engine to locate liens by debtor name or file number, then use our unique sorting and filtering features to create a customized search result, tailor-made for your specific transaction.

View and download document images instantly, and print or save reports with the click of a button. Our online UCC and lien database contains the most up-to-date records available, complemented by an expansive library of clear document images.

We purchase our data directly from the state filing office, assuring you will always have the highest quality, most accurate information at your fingertips.

Simply Search, Customize and Print

Search – Use broad-based searching tools such as truncated search strings and wildcards to maximize search results when you utilize our state-of-the-art web-based search system. Run full name searches on individuals or entities, search by specific filing numbers, perform routine updates, even order a certified search, and do it all from one place.

Customize – At no additional charge, use our exclusive “search within a search” technology to sort and filter your preliminary results. Narrow results by name, address, city, filing number, filing type and more, and customize your final results report to the standard you require.

Print – View, print, save or email a clear, concise, and accurate report right from your desktop, complete with clear online document images. Print a similar name report for convenient future reference.

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Search Business Entity Records

  • Instant Access to Critical Corporate Information
  • One consistent Search Process for Every State
  • Results Are Stored In Our Easy To access Online Portfolio

With the FCS online business entity search service, users can verify the legal name and jurisdiction, corporate good standing, officer information, registered agent, and formation date through a simple online search.


No need to navigate dozens of state websites to verify critical corporate data ever again. Our online users enjoy one consistent process, easy to read reports, and ongoing access to these results in our convenient online portfolio.  Save time and effort and eliminate hassle. Now there’s one system for all of your lending due diligence needs.


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Prepare and E-File Your UCCs

  • Expedited Turn Around
  • Reduced Filing Fees
  • Fewer Rejected Filings

With our UCC Filing and Portfolio Management System, users can electronically prepare, edit, file, track and manage UCC filings in one central location. The system is flexible for your fluctuating business needs. We have no subscription charges, no contract minimums – use the system as much or as little as your volume demands.

Our customers enjoy:

Fewer Rejections

To help protect our customers from costly rejected filings, our online filing tool was built to know state-specific filing requirements and guide your document preparation accordingly. As an added benefit, every filing submitted through the online system goes through a rigorous quality review by one our highly trained filing experts prior to filing office submission.

Ease of Use

Pre-populate selections allow you to use standardized collateral descriptions, along with debtor and secured party information, then save and retrieve for simplified document preparation with fewer keystrokes and chance for error. On-screen prompts guide document preparation quickly and accurately.


With our E-Filing technology, clients enjoy reduced statutory fees, no correspondent fees, fewer rejections and same day filing with no expedite charges. Filings in multiple jurisdictions use electronic cross-referencing to eliminate data re-entry, reducing errors while streamlining processes.

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Online Monitoring Portal

  • Simple Set-up of New Targets
  • One-Click Target Deletes
  • Online History of Alerts

With the new Monitoring portal from FCS, users can manage all of their Account Monitoring activities from within the FCS online system. Users are empowered to add and delete monitoring targets right from their desktop, and our online Alert History allows users to view every UCC1, UCC3, Federal and State Tax Lien, and Judgment Lien reported as an Alert against their target – all in one central and secure online location.

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Manage Your UCC Portfolio

  • Your Entire UCC Portfolio At-A-Glance
  • Free Lapse Date Tracking
  • Simplified Document Preparation

Enter our secure, web-based system and begin to manage your UCC portfolio with enhanced confidence and efficiency. Quick turnaround on tasks and innovative solutions ease your processes and inform your decision making with accurate results and systems you can trust. Reliable customer service supports it all.

Customers rely on our system for:

Centralized Records Management

Search results, document images and UCC filing history are all saved in one central location for easy access and maintenance. Reporting features provide search histories, similar names and spreadsheet tools to organize information to your requirements.

Elimination of Lapsed Filings

Every Financing Statement prepared and filed through the online system is automatically tracked for its lapse date. Our system will alert you when filings are nearing their lapse date, allowing you ample time to prepare continuation or termination statements.

Errors Reduction

Our intuitive form-filler technology enables users to create error-free UCC3 change statements quickly and confidently. Standardized collateral, debtor and secured party information can be saved for simple future selection.

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API Solutions

Direct B2B Interfaces for Public Records Transactions – Enhance Compliance and Streamline Workflow

Enhance your compliance practices by eliminating the need to re-enter UCC information, and streamline your workflow by minimizing keystrokes at the same time.

FCS provides risk mitigation solutions that put public records access inside your loan origination, factoring, or other business software. Receive alerts that can flag potentially risky debtors, file UCCs directly from data already in your in-house systems, and respond promptly to Federal tax liens to retain your position on collateral.

We offer a complete JSON RESTful application programming interfaces (API) for public records transactions including:

  • UCC Search
  • Business Search
  • UCC Filing
  • Monitoring of Debtors
  • UCC/Lien activity and Business Entity changes
  • Monitoring activity in US District Court, State Court, Bankruptcy Court records

Complete your UCC due diligence from within a single system. Simplify the workflow for your organization by connecting your business line software directly to reliable, fast, and accurate public records search, filing and monitoring.

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