Registered Agent & Compliance Solutions

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Registered Agent & Compliance Solutions

Nationwide Registered Agent Services

Simplify the process of receiving legal documents with First Corporate Solutions Registered Agent services.

Many jurisdictions require that an entity name and maintain a Registered Agent. The agent selected must have a physical address within the jurisdiction and be available during all business hours to receive legal documents on behalf of the entity.

As a Registered Agent, First Corporate Solutions simplifies the process of receiving legal documents. With representation in all 50 States and the District of Columbia, you can rest assure that you are receiving your documents in the timeliest manner possible as we quickly and efficiently direct notices according to your specifications. We will receive legal and tax documents at our offices keeping matters confidential and protecting your professional privacy.

Knowledge, Accuracy and Experience

At First Corporate Solutions, we know that time is of the essence in any lawsuit. The faster you are aware of pending litigation; the sooner action can be taken. That’s why we quickly direct notices to the persons or firms that are specified by our clients. With same day notification and electronic delivery, First Corporate Solutions delivers quick and reliable service, no matter where you are located.


Enlisting First Corporate Solutions as the Registered Agent for your business ensures that sensitive documents are handled properly and documented appropriately. We receive your legal notices at our offices, rather than having a process server deliver the documents in view of clients or employees. This helps to keep matters confidential.


We add an additional element of privacy to you and your client’s business dealings. Service of process can contain confidential information such as lawsuits involving former employees, customers, or parties you may do business with. By naming First Corporate Solutions, you can be sure that the privacy of your company and employees are protected.

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Change of Agent

Quickly and efficiently move through the Change of Agent process and enjoy all the conveniences of having one Registered Agent in all jurisdictions where representation is needed. Let First Corporate Solutions handle the process for you from start to finish. Our team of professionals are ready to assist by preparing the forms and filing in all jurisdictions at no cost to you! When you partner with First Corporate Solutions, you can be certain that all important notices and correspondences will be received and delivered to you in a timely fashion, every time. Take advantage of our superior customer service and choose First Corporate Solutions to represent your business.

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Service of Process

As your Registered Agent, First Corporate Solutions will be your trusted source nationwide for Service of Process. Receiving legal, compliance, and tax notices on your behalf, we forward them to your designated contact electronically, same day. First Corporate Solutions offers convenience and dependability so you can be rest assured you are informed of any legal action against your entity. We know that the sooner you are aware of pending litigation, the sooner you can prepare to take your own actions.

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Trusted Experience You Need From Your Independent Director

Our Independent Director partners combine legal expertise with technological know-how to help you problem-solve tricky client issues and navigate contract negotiations. Whether your transaction is structured finance, credit, real estate or securitization, you can rely on them to execute their complex fiduciary duties expertly.

Quick, Dependable Turnarounds with Predictable, Consistent Pricing

Meet your closing deadlines and rely on a knowledgeable support team to expeditiously turn around your documents for transactions of any size, all with “no surprise” pricing no matter the complexity of the transaction.

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Registered Agent Address List

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When designating First Corporate Solutions, Inc. as your registered agent please notify our Registered Agent team at Failure to do so could adversely affect the prompt delivery of important legal documents.

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