Secured Transactions Solutions

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UCC Web Services

UCC and Lien Search

Trust our in-house search staff and highly trained network of local search agents to deliver timely and trustworthy results for your critical search needs. In addition to industry standard services such as UCC, tax lien and judgment searches, state and federal litigation research and bankruptcy searches, we proudly offer specialized search services including a variety of monitoring programs and real estate title searching.

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UCC Filing

The Uniform Commercial Code establishes that those who file Financing Statements on the appropriate parties in the proper filing offices are much better positioned to perfect their security interest. First Corporate Solutions offers both over-the-counter filing services as well as E-filing via our online UCC filing system.

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Online UCC Search, Filing, Monitoring and Portfolio Management System

Manage your UCC portfolio with First Corporate Solutions’ web-based UCC system and benefit from broad-based search logic to find similar names and tax liens with instant online image downloads of crystal clear documents. With our UCC E-Filing technology, enjoy one user-friendly portal to create, submit and warehouse all of your UCC filings with fewer rejections, reduced statutory fees, and same day filing with no expedite charges.

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UCC Secured Party Representative Service

Are your competitors utilizing public records to gain a competitive edge? Did you know your competitors can target your client list by searching the public record for you— the Secured Party—and then pulling your UCC financing statements to reveal your debtors?

UCC Secured Party Representative Service from First Corporate Solutions provides protection from competitors using public records data to target your clients. You’ll still perfect your security interest when you file a UCC-1, but we’ll help limit your exposure to competitors’ secured party searches. In the instance of an inquiry, FCS will promptly forward all authenticated inquiries to you, the secured party, to respond directly.

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PMSI Notification Service

Eliminate headaches while saving time and money when you utilize FCS’ online UCC Portfolio Manager to manage your PMSI (Purchase Money Security Interest) filing process. Perfect your PMSI filing with UCC searching, UCC filing, search-to-reflect and letter preparation to secured party services, all from within our web-based system. Our PMSI notification partner service provides comprehensive PMSI perfection processes for equipment leasing companies nationwide.

PMSI Core Services

  • UCC Filing
  • UCC / Creditor Search
  • Letter Preparation

Additional Support Services

  • UCC Portfolio Management
  • UCC Tracking
  • Secured Party Representative Service

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