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As a paralegal, you are tasked with a myriad of responsibilities including research assignments to prepare for trials, hearings and closings. Trust First Corporate Solutions’ staff of Account Managers to facilitate your business registrations, corporate document retrieval, due diligence searching and prompt delivery of service of process and other legal and tax documents. Work with one of our skilled corporate service professionals and enjoy the one-to-one attention of a dedicated Account Manager.

As an attorney, you are licensed to represent others in legal actions such as transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and law suits. Trust in the expertise and enjoy the one-to-one attention of a First Corporate Solutions dedicated Account manager to support documentation requirements for all your corporate transactions. From business registrations, corporate document retrieval, due diligence searching and prompt delivery of service of process and other legal and tax documents.

As a General Counsel, you are the chief lawyer of a legal department, typically in a company or government department. Trust First Corporate Solutions’ staff of Account Managers to facilitate your business registrations, corporate document retrieval, due diligence searching and prompt delivery of service of process and other legal and tax documents. Work with one of our skilled corporate service professionals and enjoy the personal attention of a dedicated Account Manager to help you stay on the leading edge of all your legal and tax documentation needs.

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To Properly Identify Debtors, Omit dba Notation From UCC Filings


I would recommend First Corporate Solutions for registered agent services. Not only are they less expensive than their competitors, but they offered me customized billing which reduces my work and makes dealing with them very convenient.

Juliet W.
Senior Paralegal, Los Angeles Law Firm, CA

Case Study


Bruce, a paralegal for one of the 50 largest law firms in Illinois, shops around for his firm’s corporate searching and filing needs. Bruce was unsatisfied with the length of turn-around time from many of the corporate service providers he used, which cost him more time and his clients more money, not to mention being riddled with hidden charges and fees that he was forced to pass along to his clients.

Challenge and Solutions

To solve this problem, Bruce needed to find a corporate vendor with a faster turn-around time, no hidden fees, and more competitive pricing than the others. “It came to the point where we thought getting an invoice with surprise hidden charges was normal and paying hundreds of dollars for a routine filing was unavoidable,” said Bruce. Saving the firm’s clients time and money was of the utmost importance to him.

In May of 2005 Bruce decided to start using First Corporate Solutions because of their competitive pricing and fee structure. “I wanted to find a provider that understood the importance of what we do and would be able to provide services to our clients for a reasonable fee,” recalled Bruce.

After using First Corporate Solutions for a couple of months, Bruce started noticing the full benefits of the switch. “Looking back after a couple of months, we realized we were spending less time waiting to receive important documents,” said Bruce. “Their customer service is fast and friendly. By switching to First Corporate Solutions, we received much more than we were initially searching for at a lot less cost.”


  • Bruce was able to increase his firm’s efficiency due to shorter turn-around times.
  • Because of better pricing, he was also able to pass along thousands of dollars worth of savings to his clients, which resulted in increased client satisfaction.

Shannon started using First Corporate Solutions in November of 2003 because of their competitively priced fee structure and their comprehensive search/file/monitor services. “Before we started using First Corporate Solutions, we used different service companies to search or file, and another to monitor our debtors. Now we can utilize just one, First Corporate Solutions, to address all three. One-stop shopping is easier to manage for me.”

“Before, a couple of federal tax liens attached to our existing debtors at the county had gone unnoticed until it was almost too late,” Shannon recalled. “Now, with their Account Monitoring service program in place, we are informed of these liens in time for us to be more proactive. I don’t know of any monitoring service like it; they keep an eye on federal tax liens for us at both the state and county level.”

After using First Corporate Solutions’ national array of search and filing services for a year, Shannon knew she had found a solution she could rely upon; she knew she was receiving the accurate and timely information she needed to help establish and maintain her firm’s perfected security interest. “We have received alert notifications of federal tax liens and UCC filings, which you can imagine, have helped save our firm from heavy potential losses. Our switch to First Corporate Solutions equaled higher revenue, less time wasted, and a lot less headache.”


  • Shannon’s firm averted revenue losses by receiving alert notifications of federal tax liens levied against their debtors in time for them to respond proactively.
  • Due to faster turn-around times on searches, Shannon’s firm was able to promptly decide whether to offer their clients the financial services they requested.


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