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Nationwide Real Property Title Solutions

Nationwide Title Search Services Overview

Engage our experienced team of title specialists and uncover whatever you need to know on a particular piece of property. First Corporate Solutions partners with major banks, financial institutions and law firms, satisfying their Real Property Title needs nationwide.

Enjoy our focus on speed, accuracy and flexibility and choose from our wide array of specialized services to fulfill your objectives. We cover all components of the title transaction process, from title search reports to real estate document recording.

When you want to know all you can about a particular piece of property, make First Corporate Solutions your preferred vendor of choice.

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Real Estate Title Services

  • Nationwide Owner and Encumbrance Searches
  • Mortgage and Assignment Retrievals
  • Mortgage and Assignment Recordings
  • Chain of Title Research
  • Customized Real Property Research
  • Deed Retrievals
  • Property Ownership Verification
  • Updates and Datedowns
  • Recordings
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Owner & Encumbrance Searches

First Corporate Solutions’ Owner and Encumbrance searches are also known as Current Owner Searches, Title Reports, Short Form Reports or Limited Title Reports.

These are reports on specific properties based on research we conduct utilizing public records, including the County Assessor’s and County Tax Collector’s tax rolls.

These reports consist of the following items affecting the subject property:

  • The current owner, or owners, and the manner in which they are vested. Our report will also include a copy of the deed (or deeds) showing how title is currently held
  • The Assessor’s Parcel Number and the assessed values of the subject property
  • Current and delinquent tax information
  • All open Mortgages or Deeds of Trusts, as well as any related:
    • Assignments of Deeds of Trust or Mortgages
    • Amendments or Modifications
    • Subordination Agreements
    • Notices of Default or Notices of Lis Pendens to Foreclose
    • Partial Reconveyances or Partial Satisfactions
    • Substitution of Trustee on Deed of Trust
  • Tax Liens (State, Federal and County)
  • Abstracts of Judgment
  • Homeowners Association Liens
  • Mechanic’s Liens
  • Liens found affecting the equity of the subject property
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Chains of Title

First Corporate Solutions’ Ownership Chain of Title is a report that reflects a history of the deeds, or other transfers of ownership, as reported in the public records. It can go back only a few years, or all the way back to patent, when the property was first deeded from the government.

First Corporate Solutions’ Full Chain of Title is a report that reflects all recorded documents pertaining to the property. This includes deeds, liens, mortgages, notices, agreements, restrictions, etc. Like our Ownership Chain of Title, this report can go back only a few years or all the way back to patent.

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Ownership Verification & Deed Retrievals

First Corporate Solutions’ Deed Search is a report that reflects:

  • The current owner or owners and how they currently hold title
  • The legal description of the property in question
  • The Assessor’s Parcel Number or the Tax ID Number of the subject property
  • Recording information of the current deed
  • A copy of the current vesting deed or deeds
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