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What Does Your Registered Agent Do For You And Why Do You Need One?

Registered Agent

If you do not reside in a state where your entity is qualified to do business, then most states require you to have a registered agent* to accept documents on your behalf. The state where your entity is registered needs to know they have a contact person for your business at all times (PO Box is not an acceptable address for registered agents).

Your registered agent is responsible for receiving important tax and legal documents, such as service of process (SOP) when a business entity is a party in a legal action like a lawsuit. Your agent also receives important mail sent by the state (annual reports or statements). Having a registered agent is very beneficial because they are required to forward all documents and notices to the corporation, which can put you at ease knowing you won’t miss something important that may need your immediate attention. A corporation or LLC that fails to name a registered agent risks losing its legal status within that state as well as incurring penalties depending on the state. Not having an agent can also have unfortunate legal ramifications if by chance your business is sued in the state where it fails to maintain a registered agent.

Make sure you don’t miss important information regarding your business and consider appointing First Corporate Solutions as your agent here.

*It is optional in New York to appoint a registered agent.




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