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UCC & Corporate Due Diligence

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Tips for Avoiding UCC Rejections

UCC, Due Diligence

A creditor must file their UCC1 Financing Statement quickly and correctly In order to perfect their security interest. Rejected UCC filings can prove costly for lenders as they open the door for secondary parties to claim a priority position. In this blog post, we offer a few tips to avoid rejection of your UCC documents. In truth, there are not many errors you can make that will cause a filing officer to reject a UCC document. For the…READ MORE

Costs for Performing a UCC, Lien, Litigation or Bankruptcy Search

UCC, Corporate, Litigation Research, Due Diligence

One of the most common areas of confusion relating to public records searching has to do with the costs incurred for search requests, particularly those requests that a customer places with a private service company. The fees associated with this type of research are varied and an invoice may use terminology that is unfamiliar to those with infrequent searching needs. Herein, we offer some guidelines for what types of fees you can expect…READ MORE

Maximize UCC and Lien Search Results to Minimize Risk

UCC, Due Diligence

When conducting UCC and lien searches as part of a prefunding due diligence investigation it is a good idea to maximize your results in order to minimize your risk. This strategy helps uncover hidden liens and those filed under critical name variations. To accomplish this, you will want to cast a wide net to bring in as many potential hits as possible and then whittle them down to only those that are pertinent to your transaction. Online…READ MORE

Importance of County-Level Lien Monitoring

UCC, Due Diligence

Once a creditor has filed a UCC Financing Statement they will want to do all they can to maintain their priority position throughout the life of the loan. Lien monitoring programs run interval searches on debtor names to check for any new filing activity, and then provide timely updates to alert a creditor to potential threats. Monitoring offers an easy and affordable way for a secured party to keep an eye on other lien-holder activity against…READ MORE