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Can A UCC Filing Be Terminated By The Debtor?

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In a word, yes, as long as there is no existing obligation to the lender and one follows a specific process. The process for debtors to terminate UCC filings on themselves is provided for in the Uniform Commercial Code and can be found here in Section 9-513 of the Uniform Commercial Code. That process includes the below steps: the Debtor must send an authenticated demand to the secured party the demand must be sent to the name… >> READ MORE

Work From Home a Work In Progress

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Work from home has been around before COVID-19 struck, but for many employers and employees, the time is now. Workplaces big, small and in between have adapted to meet the pandemic challenge. We now have social distanced offices with mask protocols, ubiquitous sanitizing stations, and when possible, relocated personnel to home office from home. Face-to-face meetings to close deals or to attend… >> READ MORE

Free eBook on Purchase Money Security Interest (PMSI)

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First Corporate Solutions is pleased to present our eBook entitled Purchase Money Security Interests: Purchase Money Rules in Equipment and Inventory. Authored by Attorney Bennett L. Cohen of Cohen, Salk & Huvard, P.C., this eBook provides answers to all of your PMSI related questions including: How is a PMSI created? What obligations qualify as a PMSI? Does a PMSI in inventory prime a previosuly perfected interest in accounts? How… >> READ MORE

Delaware Offers Preclearance Review of Corporate Documents to Reduce Rejections

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The State of Delaware offers Preclearance Review of Corporate Documents to assist filers through the corporate filing process and reduce the number of filings that do not meet required criteria. Various preclearance corporate filing services are offered and their official review procedures are a convenient way to avoid potential processing errors. This service assures that you have accurately drafted your corporate document before formally… >> READ MORE

COVID-19 Federal Aid Application Tips

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Well 2020 sure has taken a turn. We went from barely hearing about COVID-19 to a complete worldwide shutdown in just a few months. Not only are there very serious health concerns over the virus, but with most of the “non-essential” workforce being forced to shut their doors or work from home, small businesses are paying the price with decreased revenues and many businesses are being forced to furlough or layoff employees. To help… >> READ MORE

Time To Choose A UCC Portfolio Manager? Here Are Some Tips To Consider

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Is your UCC portfolio growing? Are your UCC management processes growing with it? Are your current UCC solutions able to scale to support your success? For example, have you ever missed the window for filing a UCC3 Continuation, and thus lost your perfected security interest? Are you still managing your UCC portfolio from a spreadsheet? Are you still filing direct with Secretary of States which require you to understand and navigate each… >> READ MORE

Three Tips For Bulk Sale Escrow Officers In California

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Are you a Bulk Sale Escrow Officer? Then this blog post is for you! We’ve been supporting Escrow Officers handling bulk sales for close to a quarter century, and over that period we’ve learned more than just a few things from our friends in the industry, and in our next couple of blog posts we share some of tips we’ve learned. Tip #1: Search an individual seller’s name at any and all addresses Because individual business owners… >> READ MORE

Do You Request A Search To Reflect On All Your UCC Filings? You May Want To

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A search to reflect, also referred to as a post-filing verification search, is a search of the UCC records of the office where you filed after your UCC filing has posted to the index. It confirms proper indexing of a UCC filing and verifies its priority position relative to other creditors, important benefits of a search to reflect. When to perform a search to reflect on your UCC is key. Since you have to wait for the filing index date… >> READ MORE

Tips For Your Fast-Paced Year End Corporate Transaction (Part II)

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To add to last week’s blog, these are a few additional tips to move your deals at lightning speed and efficiency. Have your service company "in the deal" as a partner. If you are able to share a few key points to the transaction, deadlines, or closing date by walking your service provider through the transaction, it will help you execute on multiple points.  This may include Initial Annual Reports, Publication, County Recording,… >> READ MORE

Tips To Determining Your Corporate Name Nationwide (Part I)

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Perfecting your registration or qualification with all Secretary of State Offices under the same name is important for many reasons.  Most companies want name consistency in all the states they are registered or qualified to do business.  Name consistency in each state keeps contracts, business cards, licenses, etc. uniform so that there are no exceptions or variations from state to state. This week’s blog is the first of a two-part… >> READ MORE