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Civil Litigation Searching – What Court Should I Search?

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In a recent blog post titled, “Ordering a Civil Litigation Search: 5 Pieces of Information Your Searcher Will Need From You,” we mentioned that when ordering a litigation search, your searcher will be expecting you to provide direction as to which specific court they should visit.  Several readers responded, saying that they could use some help figuring out what court to search. First Corporate Solutions cannot offer any legal advice… >> READ MORE

Civil Judgments vs. Judgment Liens: What’s the Difference?

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If you’re like me when I was first introduced to this industry, you might be a little confused about the difference between judgments and judgment liens. They are two separate animals, and it’s important to know the difference if you’re trying to determine which to search for when doing your due diligence. The easy definition is that a judgment is an official decision rendered by the court with regard to a civil matter. A judgment… >> READ MORE

Costs to Perform a Lien, UCC, Litigation or Bankruptcy Search

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One of the most common areas of confusion relating to public records searching has to do with the costs incurred for search requests, particularly those requests that a customer places with a private service company. The fees associated with this type of research are varied and an invoice may use terminology that is unfamiliar to those with infrequent searching needs. Herein, we offer some guidelines for what types of fees you can expect… >> READ MORE

Comprehensive Department of Revenue State Direct Links

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Looking for Department of Revenue web pages for any of the 50 states and DC? We know the majority of our clients are at some point. For this reason, this week we have added weblinks to all the Departments of Revenue across the country. Much like other 50 state links we have been adding, you do not have to conduct multiple searches for websites to find what you need. We have it all on one page. Whether you are searching for information… >> READ MORE

Ultimate State Research Links Library

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Getting organized, eliminating clutter, consolidating and streamlining. We’ve all heard these buzz words, we’ve all worked towards accomplishing them. When something pops up that helps us do these things, we take advantage. Every little time saver helps as life around us gets faster and faster. Here at FCS it’s the same. As a service company, we’re committed to constantly striving to help our customers increase efficiencies while… >> READ MORE

Massachusetts Business Entity Law Clarified

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In March 6, 2017 the Massachusetts (MA) Supreme Judicial court held that a MA director’s duty is owed solely to the corporation. However, the duties may be owed among shareholders in small corporations and when “a controlling shareholder who also is a director proposes and implements a self-interested transaction that is to the detriment of minority shareholders.” The decision, which is a result of IBEW Local No. 129 v. Tucci, is… >> READ MORE

Where to Search for Tax Liens

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In previous blog posts, we have discussed the importance of searching for tax liens as part of a standard pre-funding due diligence investigation. To recap, there are two main reasons why it is critical to search for tax liens. First, tax liens are a factor in determining priority of claims and secondly, they are involuntary in nature, meaning that a debtor may not even be aware of a lien’s existence. As with any public record search,… >> READ MORE