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Single Extra Space Creates Seriously Misleading UCC Debtor Naming Error

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A recent court ruling in Wisconsin once again has affirmed the supreme importance secured parties must place on their data entry procedures when naming debtors on financing statements to perfect their security interests. A recap of the case can be found here. Once again, a typo in the debtor name created a UCC filing that was judged to be seriously misleading, and therefore left the secured party’s security interest with the debtor… >> READ MORE

UCC Secured Party Representative Service – Explained

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UCC Secured Party Representative Service provides protection for secured lenders by using a representative’s name (instead of their own) in the Secured Party box on UCC Financing Statements. Under Revised Article 9, UCC Section 9-502(a)(2), a financing statement must provide the name of the secured party or representative of the secured party. The Secured Party Representative Service key aspect is that the code allows “a representative”… >> READ MORE

Delaware UCC paper filings no longer accepted by the DE SOS as of 12/01/15

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Effective December 1, 2015, the UCC Division of the Delaware Secretary of State will require that all UCC filings be submitted to the Division electronically. The Division will no longer accept paper UCC filings submitted directly to the State via mail, courier or fax. Electronic UCC filings may be submitted directly to the Division via an authorized Delaware agent, such as First Corporate Solutions, or via the State of Delaware’s e-UCC… >> READ MORE

Choosing An Online UCC Search System – Importance Of Broad-Based Search Logic

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In last week’s blog we discussed items to consider when evaluating proprietary online UCC search systems. You can read that post here. This week we look deeper at one aspect to consider in your evaluation process:  what is broad-based search logic and why is it important that your UCC and lien search solutions provide it? First, you need an understanding of the Model Administrative Rules (MARS) and the baseline they create. You can… >> READ MORE

Broad Based UCC and Lien Name Searching – FCS Greatest Hits #1

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We have published a lot of material on the topic of UCC searching over the years. Effective UCC searching can save you time and money, so this topic has been popular among our readers. Today, we are starting a six part blog series on the nature of broad based searching and search logic as it relates to UCC searching. Enjoy our first post, and please remember that these blog posts are for educational purposes only; always consult your legal… >> READ MORE

Benefits of a Proprietary UCC Database Search System – FCS Greatest Hits #4

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The FCS Greatest Hits blog series continues today with more details on the features and benefits of searching with a proprietary UCC search system. And if you're looking to see an online UCC search system in action, don't hesitate to contact us for a free demonstration. Benefits of a Proprietary UCC Database Search System Let's take a look at the benefits of using a proprietary database to perform state UCC searches. What is a… >> READ MORE

First Corporate Solutions Releases New Hampshire to Online System

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First Corporate Solutions is pleased to announce the release of New Hampshire data and image library to our online UCC search system. As of Monday, May 5, 2014, active online users can log on to www.ficoso.com and search our reliable state-direct UCC and tax lien data complemented by an expansive library of clear, downloadable document images. This adds a total of 199,195 filings to our online system. The FCS online system adds value… >> READ MORE

First Corporate Solutions Releases Kansas, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska for Online UCC Searching

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First Corporate Solutions is pleased to announce the addition of Kansas, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska UCC data and document images to our UCC library of states, available July 1st, 2015. Enjoy consistent search logic, advanced search tools, comprehensive report options, clear document images and a supporting portfolio to save and later retrieve your search reports and document images at no cost any time in the future. Log… >> READ MORE

First Corporate Solutions Releases Online System Enhancements

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Effective April 1, 2015, FCS registered online users will be able to experience the following system enhancements. [caption id="attachment_2679" align="aligncenter" width="961"] New Certified Search Option[/caption] New Certified Search Request Capability Added to your search results screen to provide fast and efficient ordering of certified UCC searches. Streamlined Ordering and Document Downloads Reduced number of clicks to order… >> READ MORE

Application Programming Interfaces for UCC – Are All API for UCC Alike?

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In a word, no. The emergence of API for UCC with its increased efficiency and enhanced compliance capability has already occurred and the implementation is spreading. UCC data and portfolio management providers have moved quickly to develop API for UCC and it is now another technology driven differentiator added to their UCC due diligence packages. Much like how UCC portfolio managers and search engines vary in effectiveness and… >> READ MORE