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Practical Management Of Attorney Prepared UCC Filings

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The next best thing. We’re always looking for it. What is it? Look at Fintech and its explosive impact on the lending community for a real time example of an industry being flooded with a river of what’s next. Same is true in the service industry community. What’s the next best thing? Who’s got it? How can I get it? Check out the FCS Compliance Control Program, an integrated lender-law firm portfolio management service that… >> READ MORE

Do Similar Names and Name Variations Matter?

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To perfect a security interest with a UCC filing, the simple act of filing your lien is not enough. You have to do it correctly. There are specific guidelines to follow, including how to determine the specific debtor name or names to include on your UCC. But these specific naming guidelines are not extended to others who also file liens in the public record, others like the IRS and State taxing agencies, or even individuals filing judgment… >> READ MORE

Time To Choose A UCC Portfolio Manager? Here Are Some Tips To Consider

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Is your UCC portfolio growing? Are your UCC management processes growing with it? Are your current UCC solutions able to scale to support your success? For example, have you ever missed the window for filing a UCC3 Continuation, and thus lost your perfected security interest? Are you still managing your UCC portfolio from a spreadsheet? Are you still filing direct with Secretary of States which require you to understand and navigate each… >> READ MORE

Do You Request A Search To Reflect On All Your UCC Filings? You May Want To

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A search to reflect, also referred to as a post-filing verification search, is a search of the UCC records of the office where you filed after your UCC filing has posted to the index. It confirms proper indexing of a UCC filing and verifies its priority position relative to other creditors, important benefits of a search to reflect. When to perform a search to reflect on your UCC is key. Since you have to wait for the filing index date… >> READ MORE

Solar Boom Continues Upward Trajectory

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Last year, Congress' approved 2016 federal spending bill included an extension of the solar panel tax credit. Homeowners, solar companies, and industry advocates alike were given a big Christmas gift in 2015 when Congress approved the 2016 federal spending bill and extended the solar panel tax credit. The December 18 bill contained a 5-year solar tax credit extension, which makes solar more affordable for all Americans. --http://news.energysage.com/congress-extends-the-solar-tax-credit/ The… >> READ MORE

First Corporate Solutions Releases New York and Alabama UCC Online Data

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First Corporate Solutions is pleased to announce that we have released both Alabama data and New York data with image library to our online UCC search system (images not available in Alabama). Effective immediately, users can search our reliable and current indices for Alabama and New York UCC data including an expansive library of clear, downloadable document images for New York. In addition, we’re excited to include the following… >> READ MORE

Solar Installations and Security Interest Perfection: What To Do?

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In a recent blog post we discussed the solar power boom that is occurring across the United States and abroad, and domestically how Congress’ extension of the solar tax credit will help to continue fueling the boom. Financing solar installations is an evolving process, with solar financiers typically offering three solutions: leases, power purchase agreements (PPAs), and loans. Many solar financiers today offer at least the following… >> READ MORE

Fixture Filing Perfection Of Your Solar Installation Security Interests

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Over the last few weeks, we’ve blogged about the solar installation boom and the options available to solar financiers to perfect a security interest on their solar panel installations. The filing of fixtures is one such option and utilized actively when perfecting residential solar panel installs. For fixture filings, a legal description of the property is needed on the financing statement to disclose where the fixture is to be. Fixture… >> READ MORE

First Corporate Solutions Releases Hawaii, Louisiana, Michigan and Tennessee UCC Online Data

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First Corporate Solutions (FCS) is pleased to announce that we are releasing Hawaii, Louisiana, Michigan and Tennessee data to our online UCC search system. Effective Monday, November 21, users can search our UCC data indices for Hawaii, Louisiana, Michigan and Tennessee utilizing FCS' state-of-the-art search engine designed to uncover name variations and potential hidden liens. In addition, we’re excited to include the following… >> READ MORE

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) For UCCs—It’s A Big Deal (Part II)

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Direct B2B Interfaces for Public Records Transactions We blogged a quick overview of APIs a couple of weeks ago and noted how API technology has made its way into public records and UCC processes and procedures. But how? APIs for public records transactions include: UCC Search Business Entity Search UCC Filing Monitoring of Debtors' UCC/Lien activity and Business Entity changes Monitoring activity in US District… >> READ MORE